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Celebrating the strength at the heart of a Community

From hairdressing, baking and sewing, to home-schooling, counselling and delivering… There is an army of unsung heroes in our community. Volunteers helping us get through the difficulties presented by lockdown, with their new-found roles, responsibilities and positivity (often funding these pursuits and paying for necessary materials out of their own pockets). Introducing the ‘Lock Down Heroes’…

The ongoing COVID pandemic and associated social restrictions have made 2020 a testing time for many of us. It has thrown up new challenges and has shown how resilience and positivity can surface when people are confronted with a crisis. Lock Down Hero is a photographic project that I created to celebrate the generosity of spirit and the enterprising initiatives shown by ordinary people in local communities in and around Cheltenham.

Nominations were invited for people who had gone out of their way to help others by learning a new skill or providing a much needed service. I then took portraits of the successful nominees. These were made into posters with a short summary of their new-found skill and posted, with permission, on social media. The project shows a community full of positive action, a diverse range of people with a generous, can-do, approach to life.

A selection of portraits from the Lock Down Hero project. Richard, Mentor. Victoria, PPE Tailor. Isla-Rose and Lily-Mae, Fundraisers. Matt, Transport Provider. Emily, Marathon Runner.

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