The Garden of Eve



You healed a part of me

when you first arrived.


Innocent, like the caterpillar ride,

we saw the world upside down,

For a while…


This cut.

This change.

It must happen now.


The purple scar

is worth all that I have.

I won’t give up now,

I know how to survive,

You taught me that.


When we rode out of this world,

You whispered hope in my ear.


Photo by Marksteen Adamson of Lea Wright. Poem by Marksteen Adamson for Lea Wright
Lea is a hard working mum working in the building trade in Gloucestershire. Former ground worker and currently a sub contractor for Smiths construction. I took this shot of her whilst she was working on a building site in Cheltenham and together we collaborated on the poem that represents one aspect of her life.