Letter Me Stickers

Life is so much better without the constant use of social media and online communication.

Hurried responses, for example, can lead to a lack of empathy which can be detrimental to mental health. On a smaller scale, it can also affect your handwriting skills, which deteriorates over time if not practiced.

I love writing real letters, so I created this idea to make sure I take a break, switch off, and take more time to think before I write. 42km is the target distance when training for a marathon and it’s a good length of time to get your head straight.

There is something magical about a hand written letter containing a more meaningful and heart felt message. It’s also exciting to receive a letter. If you feel the same, you can click and buy these stickers direct form Avery who will ship them to you with your chosen sticker colour.

Happy writing.


How to order

  1. Choose your sticker colour by clicking one of the links below
    (this will go to your downloads folder – you will need it for step 4)

    BLUE      BROWN      GREEN      PEACH      YELLOW

  2. Visit AVERY and create an account
  3. Login and click 'Open a Saved Project'
  4. Click 'Load Project from Computer' and find your download
  5. Click 'Preview and Print' and then 'Let Us Print for you'
  6. Choose material, finish and quantity
  7. Check out and order





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